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  • Two safety conscious people adding solar panels to a building's roof

    Solar panels: the future is now

    Generate your own electricity, with solar power.

    Lower your bills. Reduce your carbon footprint. Earn money from excess electricity.

    Store your excess energy with our new battery storage range.

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Feed in Tariff

Save and make money from your
solar panels

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Solar for home

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Power your business

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We make getting solar panels easy

  1.  Is your home suitable for solar panels? Contact us to find out.
  2.  Give us a call and book a site survey
  3.  Order your system today and start saving immediately

Save more with Battery Storage Solutions

Renewable energy is the way forward, both in reducing our carbon footprint and in reducing our expenses. Imagine getting free electricity for the rest of your life. You don’t have to imagine any longer, because we’re here to give you the means to do it.

Even better, you can export excess electricity back to the national grid and earn money!

For a long time getting solar panels was too expensive for many to consider. Today, not only are solar panels affordable they’re frequently cheaper in the long-term. They can cost a fair amount to install. But it’s probably not much more than you’d spend on electricity over the next 5 years. And to help you get up and running we have several finance plans available to spread the costs of your system with no upfront payment required.

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