At Y Solar our aim is to help families and businesses cut costs and protect them from rising energy prices. We specialise in PV Solar, our experts will guide you from the initial consultation right through to the installation of your solar panels. Every installation is fully project managed in house giving you peace of mind and offering you a trusted delightful experience

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The UK government is committed to reducing its carbon emissions through the adoption of renewable energy sources, particularly in regards to the generation of power in order to combat climate change.

The fact that it is far more expensive to produce energy from green sources than it is from fossil fuel, has resulted in the need for a feed in tariff.

In order to attract renewable investors, it is necessary to arrange incentives for those wishing to invest in the installation of renewable plant.
On the 1st of April 2010, the government introduced a cash back scheme giving home owners an incentive to become self generators of electricity, as oppose to simply consumers. This was a necessity in order to meet their climate change targets.

How Feed In Tariffs for Solar Panels Work

The feed in tariff scheme UK assures households of 3 guaranteed financial savings once accepted.

Find out more about the different schemes available
We only supply & fit MCS accredited products. The micro generation certification scheme (MCS) provides consumers a guarantee that installers have conformed to a rigorous set of standards.

To qualify for the feed in tariff, both the micro generation product and the installer must carry the MCS mark. All of our systems are tailor made to meet exact personal requirements.

Y Solar takes pride in our end product and ensure that all installations are carried out with minimal disruption. All of our engineers are friendly, punctual and courteous.
We want to provide you with the right Solar Panel package at the right price. That’s why “Y Solar” offer you an integrated PV package, from design and consultation, right through to installation and performance monitoring.

Y Solar aims to provide a bespoke package to suit each individual. All our installations will use top of the line equipment backed up by our guarantees.

We want to help you, design, develop and install your system to the highest standard so you can improve your carbon emissions and start saving money NOW!

Solar Energy News

Energy Prices Set to Rise Again. Click here to read more...

ABOUT five million householders could be left struggling to pay their bills as energy prices look set to soar again, according to The Daily Mail.

The paper says consumer groups fear energy providers will increase their charges in the middle of winter, the period where people worry most about money.


11th Oct 2012

Solar Power is still a good deal, says trade association. Click here to read more...

Financial experts still believe solar panels as a good investment, the industry said. Households and businesses installing the panels can still make a return on investment of about 9%, which is better than domestic customers receive from most banks or standard investment opportunities.

Paul Barwell, chief excecutive of the Solar Trade Association, said: "Our figures show that solar is a no-brainer investment. Compared to ...

11th Oct 2012

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